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Anastasia's story

Anastasia’s birth went well, and at first there was nothing to suggest that something might be wrong. Unfortunately she wasn’t meeting expected milestones.

Shortly after she turned one year old, Anastasia was diagnosed with the most severe form of CP that affects her whole body, limiting her movement, posture, communication and learning.

On her last birthday, unable to sit up on her own, Anastasia found it difficult to hold toys, and play with them. Even with all the love in the world – and the best efforts of her devoted parents – she was missing important developmental milestones. Her world was closing in.

Today, 2-year-old Anastasia is a bright happy girl who learns quickly and shows great potential. But she struggles to play with other children or with standard toys and games. Without technology, she will never develop the vital skills that other children learn through toys and play.

This year, Anastasia will truly be able to experience the joy of her birthday, thanks to custom toys and other assistive technology, that will not only give her the opportunity to play, but will help her to learn and communicate with her family.

Anastasia laughing in enabled wizzy bug

Switch toys transform lives

Switch toys are a transformational technology that allow children with CP to use whatever voluntary control they have to play, communicate, increase their mobility, develop vital neural pathways, gain more independence and participate in life.

Anastasia has very good voluntary control over moving her head to both sides, and her left knee. By putting a switch in these positions, with a slight voluntary movement, Anastasia can activate the button to turn a toy on.

Switch toys are a vital stepping stone to unlocking other skills. If we can get children motivated and regularly using different types of switches, that can then be an access method for communication tools, mobility, even environmental control.”

– Emma, Anastasia’s Speech Pathologist

Switch toys could transform Anastasia’s life – now and into the future.

You can help to make that possible.

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