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    Your donation of $28 will give the gift of play by helping re-design and adapt toys for children with CP.

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    Your donation of $56 will go towards a singing, dancing sloth toy that teaches numbers.

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    Your donation of $110 will help develop brand new toys and games to assist a child with CP communicate needs and feelings.

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    Your donation of $225 will fund research into adaptive technology for children with CP.

  • $25

    Your donation of $18/monthly could help fund equipment to diagnose CP as early as 12 weeks old.

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    Your donation of $25/monthly could help fund critical research to reduce the severity of CP in babies.

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    Your donation of $33/monthly could help fund vital research into the causes of CP.

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    Your donation of $56/monthly could help fund 1 hour of critical early intervention therapy for a baby at risk of CP.


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What can you give an unstoppable kid today?

Telepractice (or Telehealth) has become a vital part of the way people with cerebral palsy and their families access support.

Over the past year, our speech pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other practitioners have delivered over 9,500 Telepractice sessions to 4,317 people.

Without Telepractice, the majority of these people would not have been able to safely access the essential therapies they need to alleviate pain, build strength and help them live their best lives.

It’s vital that we continue to provide unstoppable access to Telepractice in the next 12 months and – importantly – ensure families have the equipment they need to make the most of every session.

Cheeky, funny five-year-old Aidyn has severe cerebral palsy, requiring ongoing therapy. Before the pandemic, he was reaching goals no-one ever expected – he was unstoppable!

However, when the pandemic struck and face-to-face therapy sessions were suspended, Aidyn’s family worried that all his hard work would unravel.

Luckily, Aidyn was able to continue his life-changing therapies via Telepractice. He has made such outstanding progress that he’s bee able to begin school this year!

Today, help cover the costs of providing Telepractice for the next 12 months and the equipment families need to get the most from each session.

Your Impact

Your gift will help more people experience the benefits of Telepractice

Even with eased restrictions, children like Aidyn will continue to use a mix of face-to-face and Telepractice to get the therapy they need.

The benefits include:

• Safe, remote access to tailored therapy
• No travel time to appointments
• Easy to schedule into a day and flexibly fit around school & work commitments
• Easy access promotes increased frequency of therapy, which can lead to improved outcomes through consistent support.

Aidyn's Story

Aidyn has severe cerebral palsy, requiring ongoing therapy. Telepractice has been an extremely important part of his life over the past 18 months.

Help provide ongoing vital support and become a monthly donor today